Freedom Valley Farm

Quality Boer Goats

About Us

The farm was named by my wife Heather. The inspiration for the farm name comes from Tom serving in the Army for 20 years and for our three sons Kevin, Michael and Nicholas, who served in the Army. Our family believes that all that we have is because we are a strong nation that has good values and are willing to defend others.

How we got into the goat business is due to Tom helping a fellow dairy farmer. He instantly fell in love with farming and decided that he was going to become a farmer. He knew he couldn't talk us into milking cows everyday. He started to look at small animals and goats took center stage. We looked hard at different types of farms before deciding on meat goats and especially SA Boers. Our daughter Emily showed goats through the local 4H and at ABGA shows but Tom is the serious one with our goats.