Freedom Valley Farm

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Welcome to Freedom Valley Farm

Welcome to Freedom Valley Farm. We are currently building up our small farmette. We have constructed the little barn and have some of the pasture in permanent fencing. We have moved into our small farm that we are building in Shippensburg, PA. We currently lease an additional 40 acres from a local farm to run the herd on for the year. Our goal is to have 400 or more commercial does within the next three years. We currently have a few registered goats and our goal is to have a dozen or so to provide breeding stock for the local area. I hope to meet many new friends from the goat industry. Our focus is the betterment of the meat goat industry as a whole through an ever more extensive use of superior Boer goat genetics in the world's meat goat herds. We are members of the American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) and the Keystone Goat Producers Association (KGPA).